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Michael Le


Trying to find things to make my life easier. I write at michael1e.com

#mma, #tech, #mobile, #weightlifting, #development, #programming 
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Michael Le stacked Pocket
My only read it later app.
Great UI and ease of use.
Strongest massage gun on the market. The handle is better than the others too. You can't find an similar knockoff of a Theragun either.
If you want Windows docking capability in Mac, this app will help.
Michael Le stacked Atext
It's a cheap text expander that does its job well.
It's the cleanest minimalist stand for the MacBook. It also has a little cut out to make it easier to open and close your laptop.
Kennethwong2Elen Udovichenko
My go-to instant ramen. It's easy to find and the best tasting. It has thick ramyun noodles, an extra soup base, and a dry ingredient pack that includes mushrooms.
Comfortable basketball shoes when I want to add an inch to my height.
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