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Michael I. Brooks


Marketer. Author-in-training.

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Before I started working with Myant, I purchased Skiin: smart clothing for your family or loved ones that shares their biometrics through an app. Covid hit us hard and thought it would be good to find ways to stay connected. Excited for the future and my mom is excited to try it!
Makes content marketing and SEO research a breeze. Literally gives me hours back in my day.
Loving Exist. A lot of quantified self apps require you to make correlations yourself. Exist pulls data and creates insights on trends, from productivity to health.
Snagged the Life Time Deal - great project and task manager with a ton of additional functionality. Can create databases for content calendars, CRMs, and more. Beautiful UI. And although not all the features are there yet, they've adding them fast!
Quality stock photos from kind photographers.
62,000 brushes per cycle. 30 second interval pulsing. 2 minute auto-off timer. Cheap brush heads. Good build quality. Everything you need in a high-power electric toothbrush at 1/4 the cost.
Calum Webb
Roam is nebulous. Without guidance, it was difficult for me to pick up, but after learning how to use it to store information and turn it into a second brain, it really clicks for me now. Excited to see where it goes in 2020.
Jesse Russell
Everything you need and more when writing a book or conducting research. More features than I need, but doesn't feel overbuilt and have never run into any bugs.
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