Matt Galligan

Matt Galligan

👦🏼 Nash’s dad, 🌽 Midwesterner, 📱 designer & product guy, 🍺 craft beer & coffee lover, 🌎 remote work evangelist, 📺 GIF enthusiast.

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This hardware authentication key has both USB-C and Lightning connectors, covering all of my devices that I log in with. It’s super easy to integrate with services like 1Password for better security, and is super convenient.
Joe HootmanCalcutta PuriRyan Hoover
I just picked up one of these stools (padded version) to accompany my adjustable height desk after my desk chair broke. Instead of being stationary it allows for a subtle back-and-forth rocking motion, which is surprisingly nice. It's also great for playing guitar!
JulieCalum WebbPeter Thaleikis
What can I say? They're tiny, pack a mean punch, and can instantly zone you in to whatever you're listening to. They're my favorite headphones I've ever had.
PASCAL TIEMANNScott CollingeMax Yakin Bozek ス
It's the quickest and easiest way to pay, by far. I always opt for using it vs. any other method.
Karsten ChearisAldaborgsDustin Knopoff
This is my favorite pour-over kettle out there. Spot on temperature control, and a perfect pouring spout. I've got the Plus model, which enables me to turn it on from my phone…a bonus but nice from time to time.
Julia ChingVishal AgarwalaParker Henderson
Building automations, from simple to insanely complex, is a bunch of fun with Shortcuts. I use it all of the time to make otherwise laborious tasks quick and easy to accomplish.
PASCAL TIEMANNStefan NatterCharlie Hsieh
Paired with the Helix, I'm able to get a near-infinite amount of flexibility in sounds with my guitar. Having the "amp in the room" feel is huge, but the speaker modeling puts it in mindblowing territory.
Sure, I could keep around loads of boutique guitar pedals, many that gather dust and are otherwise cumbersome to lug around, or I could just build presets in my Helix that get me 99% of the way there but 100% more convenient. This thing is 🔥🔥🔥.
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