Medet Mamyrov

Medet Mamyrov


computer science student interested in discovering new tools and technologies

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my new go to lofi music player
Winno is my go-to news feed for daily news. It lets you follow different topics and they summarize stories pretty well
The best music streaming app with great recommendations to discover new songs
Their C3 stand is a very affordable, lightweight laptop stand with an open cutout in the middle for better cooling. The rubber padding prevents the laptop from slipping and scratching.
Deepa AroraJulie
I used to have headaches from looking at screens for too long, and although I still do, they've definitely eased thanks to these glasses.
Nigel KohAaron
Allows for great customizability and the new version 3.3 minimal UI is amazing
Retaining and keeping my notes organized has never been easier. It's great for productivity and leisure. I enjoy using it as a secondary display to my macbook pro.
Even the free version is amazing and has completely replaced Spotlight for me
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