Matthew Bischoff

Matthew Bischoff

Making apps at Lickability. Writing about tech & culture. Stirring things up. they/them 👅 ✍️ 🍸

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Lets me see how much of my day is being spent on building apps.
Matthew BischoffKen Ackerson
Connects my AirPods to my Mac in one click.
JacqVitaly Baum
Shows me where I need to be and lets me join the Hangout from my macOS Menu Bar.
Ryan HooverAbadesiVitaly Baum
Super performant screen sharing for pair programming. Lets you take control of the screen when you need to.
Ryan HooverAaronRahul
Shows me how my productivity changes over time so I know when I’m getting too distracted or have taken on too many meetings.
Stop having constant email volleys trying to schedule things. Let people book directly into your calendar.
Ali EnginVitaly Baum
A doctor’s office where you don’t ever have to wait and where you can do the bloodwork right there.
AaronTaylor Majewskiwong2
A secret weapon email rollup of Twitter bio changes. Always know when folks change their job, their personal brand, or even their gender.
YourStack Mascot