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I just love the game! Nothing else to add…it‘s the best game ever
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You can learn soo much in so little time and with the highlight feature save the most important things for later to review it or remind you about it
With the integrated Alexa it‘s super great! The UI is incredibly fast and the Amazon Original Podcasts are soo great! Yeah, you can listen to Music and Podcasts in just one App
This book is written by Bill Gates and he doesn’t only talks about climate change, he also talks about the solutions we already have and the breakthroughs we still need
She is definitely the most incredible woman! She does everything I tell her too😅
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You can take notes (Airr Quotes) while listening and share them with Readwise which shares them with Notion…it‘s just so efficient
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Notion is my all-in-one Workspace. Not only for my work related stuff…also for my school and personal stuff! It‘s just soo damn good!
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