Mats Staugaard

Mats Staugaard


Founder of KickBack (sold to Schibsted). Ex-Tradedoubler. Cares about technology that works, design, privacy, e-commerce, plants and pizza.

#plants, #pizza, #ecommerce, #macos, #ios, #privacy, #internet +11
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The nicest headless CMS.
The best RSS-reader for Mac and iOS. Read-later syncing with iCloud. Privacy and straight forward business model - you pay for each version of the software, not your data.
Beautiful maps. Privacy.
Whatever you fancy, you'll find more of it on Reddit
Great RSS-reader. I use it as the backend for Reeder on Mac/iOS and occasionally also use their webclient. Never had *any* issues and it has a straight forward business model - you pay with dollars, not data. Important for something as personal as a newsreader.
Quality photos. Royalty free. Perfect for whatever project you are working on. What's not to love?
Lots of advanced features, but still simple and easy to use.
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