Matan Kushner

Matan Kushner


Dev @Auth0 & @AniChartnet ⋅ he/him

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Reliable, good quality, plug-and-play microphone. I've had mine for 7+ years and it still holds up excellently!
The perfect Gmail replacement! Powerful email, contacts, and calendars; reliable spam detection; first-class support for custom domains; and, of course, no ads or targeting.
The only sleep and activity tracker you can completely forget that you're wearing. With a week-long battery, full charge in an hour, and accurate sensors, it's amazing how much fits in this little ring.
Easily get context about your system or a given directory, right from the prompt. Know what runtimes are installed at a glance, but only the ones relevant to the project in your current directory.
Extremely snappy, powerful, extensible, and themeable. Makes pairing a breeze with LiveShare.
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