Marissa Montgomery

Marissa Montgomery


founder @instantish previously @askspoke + @googlecloud☕️ @grounduptools

#product, #development, #tech, #devtools, #productmanagement 
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The transcription is high-quality, and it's really nice that you can click on a word and hear the recording.
Daisuke Ishii 石井 大輔Norman ChellaAaron
Reliable, easy to use, and syncs with your Calendar.
Really delightful and easy to use.
Adam Kazwell
The iOS app- it's more efficient to send longer notes through an audio recording. With more people wearing airpods and for longer periods of time, it's becoming less annoying for the person on the other side to consume.
Robin PapaMatthew BischoffGina
Fast and reliable. Great product and great team!
The pink lidstar colour is amazing.
My favourite acrylic paints. They cover well and all the colours have a consistent texture.
They have a great iOS widget- customizable, doesn't take up much vertical space, and allows you to complete your action without throwing you into the app.
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