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Maria Halse


Sustainable Innovation #Hackathons #SmartCities & StartupScout. Smart World dreamer 🌿 Eco-Tech-Family 🇬🇧🇲🇽+🇫🇷

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Maria Halse stacked Waze
I've just got my driving license - finally at 35 years old! Waze put me at ease straight away, it's like a friend, giving me a head's up well in advance and keeps reminding me not to miss my exits - which I did with GMaps... I love Waze and the crowdsourced, real-time road info!
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Maria Halse stacked Krisp
I stop having to shush people 🧘
Maria Halse stacked Figma
It's easy to grasp for non-designers (like me...), it's collaborative, there are loads of free UI kits you can use, the prototype functionality works smoothly - I feel bad leaving Sketch+Invision... but Figma is my fave.
Maria Halse stacked MURAL
Brilliant collaborative virtual whiteboard - nothing better than seeing a whole team working together on a Mural board! Awesome facilitator features (a timer, voting, summoning, locking panels). PLUS they have SO MANY templates to choose from.
Maria Halse stacked Zoom
Videocall service that never lets me down - works well in the UAE!
So many people with different specific skills to help me on projects
Social network IRL and diverse talks - wherever you are in the world
Who doesn’t? But seriously - love seeing their own productions created with data from the early days
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