Marco Ferrari

Marco Ferrari


Co-founder of @UseHammock, the first current account for landlords. Always talking about FinTech, always reading about mental models and awesome humans

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Nothing beats a good book recommendation. I keep my Kindle library well stocked thanks to Farnam Street, Ryan Holiday and a few others. Read This Twice multiplies x100 my access to recommended books by trusted sources. Love it
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Groceries delivered in a couple of hours, quick and easy. Booking delivery slots with competitors, even before the COVID-19 crisis, was a costly and cumbersome exercise
Marco Ferrari stacked BuzzSumo
One of the first tools I check on every morning for a quick and easy summary of the trending topics of the day before
Marco Ferrari stacked Chefclub
So many recipes in so many languages on Instagram, firing from multiple channels. Lots of inspiration to draw from. Some of their ideas are on the heavier side, but always interesting to learn from
Marco Ferrari stacked Native
I tend to prefer unscented deodorants, but tried the cucumber and mint one and I'm very happy with it. It feels fresh and lasts long. I'm very happy that they recently released a plastic free range as well
I read the Brain Food newsletter every Sunday and almost without fail I buy at least one of the books they quote. I've attended one of their workshops and love their podcast. It always makes me feel like I learnt something new, even when I'm re-reading some content
Marco Ferrari stacked The Hustle
One of my favourite newsletters, with my favourite tone of voice: always quirky, always insightful
Marco Ferrari stacked Morning Brew
One of my favourite daily reads, love the whole family: emerging tech, marketing, retail
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