Andrei M. Marinescu

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One time when I was commuting weekly between LA and the Bay Area I arrived at my MV office only to discover that I had accidentally grabbed my wife's MBP at home that morning. 🤯I've been using Uniqfind's high-quality 3M skins on my laptops ever since.
A fresh voice and POV on new consumer products.
Jenny Gyllander
Well-curated music selection and spot-on nostalgia brand. 👌🏼
AaronJesse RussellColeman Foley
Introduces a meaningful shift in how to think about and engage with email.
Ryan HooverJesse Russell
Just started using Stoop to better manage and consume my newsletter subscriptions.
Ryan Hoover
Love the ability to listen to saved articles being read (voice quality is solid). Biggest disappointment is still the poor quality of Pocket's search functionality.
Best way to manage passwords and other sensitive information.
Still my favorite personal to-do list/task manager app, going on a decade.
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