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Trying to figure out how to draw or doodle ? This might be what you're looking for.
maique stacked Paletro
Having ⇧⌘P available for all apps, not only VS Code and Sublime, is a god send! Keyboard shortcuts rule, and Paletro makes them all available with ease.
maique stacked iA Writer
Cool Markdown writing app, with publishing to built in.
Quick, or complex, drawings with ease.
maique stacked Mast
Nicely designed Mastodon app, full feature set. Still haven’t found a nicer one.
maique stacked Gluon
Great iOS and Android client.
maique stacked Fig
If you take part in Discourse forums, you need this.
maique stacked
Love the simplicity, the ease of use, the community, the no-nonsense apps and the good vibe about the whole thing. I've finally found a way to keep a blog with no hassle.
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