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maique stacked MailMate
Why wouldn't I ? Feature set like no other. Fast. Responsive. Secure. Configurable everything.
maique stacked GoodLinks
Save your links for later.
maique stacked
Mastodon hosting made simple. If you want your own instance, look no further.
maique stacked Toot!
Best Mastodon client for iOS. Period.
maique stacked
Really cool server monitoring service, with very decent prices.
maique stacked Mumu
Emoji picker for macOS. Fast. Really fast.
Trying to figure out how to draw or doodle ? This might be what you're looking for.
maique stacked Paletro
Having ⇧⌘P available for all apps, not only VS Code and Sublime, is a god send! Keyboard shortcuts rule, and Paletro makes them all available with ease.
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