Lukas Klinser

Lukas Klinser


product & payments @n26 ‚ÄĒ occasional computer user and internet explorer.

#photography, #prototyping, #code, #product-management, #basketball 
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Lukas Klinser stacked Bear
The editor experience is superb, sync just works, and it's a joy to use. I always go back to it for some reason.
Lukas Klinser stacked Figma
Miles ahead of anything else in the design space and more. Faster / easier to create slides, presentations, quick wireframes and high-fidelity... all in one.
Parker Henderson
Lukas Klinser stacked AirPods Pro
Orders of magnitude better than the original AirPods. Impressive noise cancelling considering the dimensions.
Lukas Klinser stacked RescueTime
Lukas Klinser stacked WhatsApp
Lukas Klinser stacked N26
Lukas Klinser stacked Notion
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