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Tried all the fancy pants note-taking apps and still find myself coming back to this iPhone staple for its simplicity and sync feature across all my Apple products.
Absolutely brilliant and jarring read. Jenny helped me actualize how to resist the "Attention Economy" and rechannel my focus day-to-day away from tech and into discovering my own thoughts as form of entertainment or satisfaction. Also helped me think of productivity differently.
Larla stacked Cappuccino
Asynchronous communication in podcast form - genius! Been using it to keep up with long distance friends & it's what I look forward to at 8am every morning.
Have found multiple new apps I use daily via Product Hunt. Latest find is Cappuccino!
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Connecting with successful experts for advice remotely has never been easier. I like that the app has so many categories to choose from. Very excited to keep using Intro to learn more catered information for my nutrition/fitness journey.
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Larla stacked Spotify
The ultimate music streaming/podcast platform because the algorithms are on the nose - every time! I find new music almost everyday via Spotify Discover playlists. If they included a feature to access song lyrics (like Apple Music) it would be an A+ product for me.
While there's no substitute for holding a full book and flipping the pages, the tradeoff of that tangible feeling here for practicality is second to none. Being enabled to carry hundreds of books in one slim device is a game-changer. Highlighting passages on the go is ideal too.
No two games are the same. Catan is the best board game because of the vast options for strategizing your win. Personally, I'm a savage trader and I always build on the sheep port to get a leg-up on the competition. Going to try the Cities and Knights expansion pack soon.
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