Liza Dixon

Liza Dixon


Usability Engineer, MSc. Advocate for human-centered automation 🚘 Passionate about tech, design, science & autonomous mobility. Eat plants🌱

#meditation, #sustainability, #nature, #food, #tech, #design, #selfdriving +2
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Reliable, no-fuss video chats. Only the initiator needs to login; just links for the rest. [Now known as Whereby]
I like seeing evidence and I didn't believe it was possible to get all my nutrients from plants, so I tracked everything I ate for three months (spoiler: it is). Return to this app when I want to check in on my micronutrients or see the composition of a new recipe.
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This is where I build up my research database while performing literature reviews and writing papers. The MS Word plugin is great and auto-generates a bibliography. Bonus: Support team is quickly responsive in Twitter DMs 💯
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The best social network. #LoveTwitter
Liza Dixon stacked VSCO
Makes the pics I take with my five-year-old iPhone look 💯
Hands down the best way to move money internationally. You can't beat their rates or their speed (which has improved greatly in the last year)!
This is how you get your parents into crypto.
Came for the huge library, stayed for Discover Weekly ✨
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