lindsay fuce

lindsay fuce


creator with a background in research. mainly interested in holistic health, fem-tech, and pizza. 📍building @meetmin

#marketing, #food, #psychology, #community, #nutrition, #remote-work, #socialmedia 
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So simple, yet so intriciate. I used to use a notion page to store everything that I thought I would "need for later" but mymind is way easier to use.
AaronRyan Snyder
Microgels with different purposes. The sleep one changed my life - it supports the 4 stages of sleep with herbs, amino acids, and sleep hormone support. Def recommend looking into if you're into ~ health ~.
Nate Ferrero
If someone told me I would look forward to vacuuming every day as a kid I'm pretty sure I would have cried. I have their Hoover ONEPWR blade max & absolutely love it. Similar to the Dyson V11 and $200 less.
vicky flores najasNoah RaskinRyan Hoover
I like to think that Brave is what Chrome wanted to be, they just executed better. lol. Faster, more secure, and more reliable. Also doesn't make my computer sound like it's going to implode.
Daniel PichelPratik GandhiAlexandre Mouriec
Took me way too long to hop on the poolside bandwagon but I'm glad I finally did. I used to browse Youtube for new indie music, now poolside is my go-to ツ
John HayesLindsey JohnstonErmin Kadić
Both an investment + a beautiful accessory, what could be better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
jakeCalum WebbAaron
Keeping me alive during the last 3 months of quarantine. Only slightly kidding ッ
MaximeRahulFras Smith
lindsay fuce stacked Jot
Jot coffee is a new staple in my home. It's 20x more concentrated than traditional coffee, so you just add 1 tbsp to 8oz of either water or milk & you've got a delicious cup fo coffee. I love it iced w/ almond milk 😇
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