lindsay fuce

lindsay fuce


creator with a background in research. mainly interested in holistic health, fem-tech, and pizza. 📍@frecklestudio + @wellnesswlinds

#socialmedia, #remote-work, #nutrition, #community, #psychology, #food, #marketing 
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Keeping me alive during the last 3 months of quarantine. Only slightly kidding ッ
lindsay fuce stacked Jot
Jot coffee is a new staple in my home. It's 20x more concentrated than traditional coffee, so you just add 1 tbsp to 8oz of either water or milk & you've got a delicious cup fo coffee. I love it iced w/ almond milk 😇
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I use their Griptight Gorillapod stand pro whenever I need to shoot content just from an iPhone. The Gorillapod 3K Kit works great for cameras too.
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I rely heavily on smoothies in order to get in necessary nutrients that otherwise would be a bit hard to do. These pre-made packets made it easy to get in a variety of superfoods :)
I love these frozen smoothies. I keep them stocked for busy days and add a few superfoods to them to get even more of a nutritional punch. 😀
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I love this content optimization tool. I started using it a few weeks back and so far it beats out other tools - and it's currently free :,)
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I could drink these ALL day long. While most seltzers tout "natural flavors" Spindrift uses real fruits to add flavor to their shelter. The strawberry is my favorite. 🍓
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My favorite on-the-go bars. They're vegan, gluten-free, and a bunch of other fun healthy buzzwords. The bottom line is - they taste good & are quite filling. I could eat the oatmeal chocolate chip every day for the rest of my life.
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