Leonardo Sumulong

Leonardo Sumulong


Content + UX Strategist. NYC native. Building w. empathy and intention. Love all things canine.

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This was a game changer for me. Transcribing and formatting interviews used to be a tedious and time-consuming chore. Now it's just an easy upload and some corrections.
I'm partial to using a trackball, and this one is the best I've had in a while. Connects over Bluetooth, programmable settings, useful Precision Mode for editing and designing. Also great for working with a limited amount of desk space since you can keep your hand stationary.
So much has been said about the Aeropress already but for me it's great for making a quick cup of average joe or getting more precise with bespoke coffee when I'm in the mood. Love it bc it doesn't take up a lot of space, travels well, filters are cheap, and it's low maintenance.
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Thoughtfully crafted paper notebooks. The decorative elements remind me of the years when Budapest was my home city.
It's a pen made out of concrete, so it has a nice weight to it and feels great in the hand. The pen shows the signs of usage and wear over time so it really becomes your own. Refill cartridges (Schmidt ceramic safety rollers) are easily bought from Amazon or webshops.
My current "can't live without it" app. Just the most flexible tool I've ever had for for capturing, managing, connecting, editing, annotating, etc. the million thoughts that I swim through each day. Have tried many similar but Obsidian takes the crown for me.
No more random sticky notes around my physical space and no more trying to figure out which relate to which others and how :D
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