Jenny Walsh

Jenny Walsh


Product Designer. Aerialist acrobat. Loves people.

#product-design, #ux, #ui 
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Because Animal Crossing. Also Zelda, but truly... Animal Crossing.
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Jenny Walsh stacked LIFX
The color vibrance & brightness leaves every other smart bulb in the dust. I love the way LIFX creates "white" light with the absence of green hues. It's 100% brightness is comparable to 100 watt bulbs (compared to Phillips Hue's 60 watt comparison).
Jenny Walsh stacked Procreate
The quintessential illustration app for iPad. I love the brushes, the performance, the sleekness of the UI. This has every other illustration app beat by miles.
Jenny Walsh stacked Planta
Planta has a beautiful UI. It has a huge database of plants, with the ability to identify them by taking a photo or searching by name. Each plant includes detailed info (water needs, toxicity, light needs, etc). And of course it notifies you each day when a plant needs care.
Jenny Walsh stacked Tesla Model 3
The space car that's going to save the earth's environment. Plus it has lots of go-fast juice. I never get sick of driving it!
I have tried every budget app out there, hunting for the perfect mix of good UI, category customization, bank import and method. YNAB definitely hits every point just right.
Jenny Walsh stacked TikTok
For mindless time-consuming scrolling and entertainment, Tiktok delights much better than Instagram or Facebook. The algorithm seems to have figured out that I want to see dog videos and people making art. Thumbs up.
Jenny Walsh stacked Google Photos
Automatic backup of my iPhone photos with affordable full quality storage. Plus, great image recognition tech that allows me to search easily.
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