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Your international FMTY date, vegan poet & adventure assistant.

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Leijla FossĀ stackedĀ abillionveg
I love being able to share my food, review it and donate towards a cause by doing so. It's a way to review restaurants and vegan products as well and find new restaurants and products.
Leijla FossĀ stackedĀ Hopper
Track flights you want to buy and know when the best time to buy is.
I love being able to fill in my passwords without copy-and-pasting all the time and it syncs my passwords across devices and browsers. It's very secure and easy to use anything but Apple devices.
Leijla FossĀ stackedĀ Signal
I love Signal because they are private, I can sync between devices and it's not owned by Facebook!
Leijla FossĀ stackedĀ Google Keep
I love google keep because the interface is easy yet diverse and I can sync between my devices.
Leijla FossĀ stackedĀ Lyft
I love them because they're not Uber! Haha. They're an ethical company I like to support.
Leijla FossĀ stackedĀ Duolingo
It helps me learn and retain my language skills in a fun way. Gamify me, languages!
Leijla FossĀ stackedĀ Google Maps
I love adding stars to places I want to go. Google maps is amazing because I can download maps onto my phone to use when I don't have internet access.
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