Lee Post

Lee Post


Alaskan illustrator, art educator, graphic recorder, father, crime fighter. A man of many talents, if many is more than two.

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Lee Post stacked AeroPress
Easy to make, easy to clean, delicious
Great to look at, fun to listen to.
Lee Post stacked Poolside.fm
Always a great mix on a lazy morning or fun night.
Lee Post stacked Procreate
Powerful and easy to use. Wonderful for getting sketches transformed into finished illustrations.
Lee Post stacked AirPods Pro
Work seamlessly with great sound. Wonderful for keeping focus.
Lee Post stacked Apple HomePod
Every time I use it, I'm impressed with the sound. Airplay 2 was a game changer.
Lee Post stacked Linea Sketch
Procreate and Clip Studio are more powerful drawing tools, but this is the minimal drawing app that I use to sketch. The intentionally limited tools and layer options, easy to use color swatches with lots quickly selected graph/background options keep me focused on ideas.
Lee Post stacked BBC micro:bit
A fun, dirt cheap programing tool to quickly introduce kids to coding and robotics. The integrated LED panel and buttons mean the kids get immediate reward for their efforts. Super easy to combine with fun robot and car kits for extra fun and learning.
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