Leah Taylor

Leah Taylor


Communications lead for Cast Influence, Doist & MURAL. PR for startups, design leaders, remote-first teams 🤖📢🚀💡🦸‍♀️🤳

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Leah Taylor stacked Vocus
Vocus is a Chrome extension that allows me to track email opens and link clicks in Gmail, as well as custom mail merges with form fields for bulk emailing
Leah Taylor stacked Twist
My alternative to Slack, for quick team communication that isn't distracting when I need to focus and write. Everything is sorted by threads - combining email and chat into one platform
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Leah Taylor stacked MURAL
MURAL is essential for capturing & visually communicating the story ideas I have on a daily basis & drawing relationships between the thoughts they represent. From copy, to approvals, to creative, to staging, to publish. It's a sticky note brainstorming tool in the cloud!
On the go task management that allows me to prioritize my life, not just my clients and business. Soooooo essential
Spotify offers smart algorithms and new music recommendations, which helps me discover new artists I wouldn't have otherwise. I listen all day on desktop and mobile!
All day, every day I find I need to visually show someone what I'm looking at on screen. This free Chrome extension let's me grab screen shots quickly and easily, and call out with arrows and bubbles exactly what it is I'm talking about.
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Leah Taylor stacked Gmail
Gmail is my killer app, working in communications. It connects to everything -- my calendar, my Drive / cloud, Forms, GChat, Asana, Todoist, pretty much everything in my tech stack
I don't create mockups or prototypes but if I was a designer, this is the tool I would use.
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