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growth & content marketing manager. learning every day, and sharing what I learn. also writing at

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Better than VSCO, or any of the other photo filter / editing apps (and this is a photographer speaking!) This has the closest functionality to lightroom on desktop and is wonderful to use.
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It's the sleep sounds for me - the "oscillating fan" sound - amazing. Anytime I'm traveling & staying in a room that's just a lil too quiet (I'm used to NYC after all!), I put on that soundscape and sleep the night away.
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An amazing hybrid social & professional network for women. There is top-notch content on Elpha - everything from negotiation & salary advice, to productivity hacks, to making friends after college. No "girl power" chants and no men-bashing. :) Just a diverse, inclusive community.
This is a book to come back to again & again. Such amazing, unique storytelling and a ton of tactical, actionable negotiation advice.
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