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Lanre Akinyemi

@l_akinyem1Ā Ā 

Food enthusiast. Traveller. Tech Lover. Liverpool FC supporter.Team @producthunt
#sales, #productivity
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Super quick and their photos always make their meals look more delicious!
2 days ago
Great for quick rewards where Amex is accepted!
2 days ago
The auto turn on feature when I come home is by far my fave feature
Dan Edwards
5 months ago
Syncs up beautifully with my galaxy phone
4 months ago
Realistically, the best kitchen timer I've ever had. Not too bad with music either
5 months ago
Lanre AkinyemiĀ stackedĀ Waze
I don't even have a car but when I rent one or go on a roadtrip, this is a staple
7 months ago
Lanre AkinyemiĀ stackedĀ Bose
The QC35's are my go to for working in loud places and on flights
5 months ago
My daily driver - Camera + screen is always the envy of family and friends
5 months ago
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