Kyle Pace

Kyle Pace


Currently a design student studying UX/UI design.

#product-design, #learning 
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I just discovered this and it is awesome! What an amazing way to delve into music discovery, a really fascinating concept.
Joe Hootman
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Hands down my favorite corner of the internet. It feels like the room with the door closed upstairs at the party where all the coolest people are hanging out smoking a joint while discussing existential phenomenology and its relation to psychotherapy practices. Just awesome.
Chris MessinaEmileLucas H.
It is my own personal search engine and I curate it to be exactly what I want it to be. All tags are made by me, to be understood by me. It is quickly becoming part of my essential workflow, it is a vital part of my 'second brain'.
Joe Hootman
With almost nothing else like it on the market, Obsidian gives me the ability to visualize the relationships of my thoughts like nothing else I have come across. To visualize my thought process is to find new paths to creativity and inspiration at every turn. I am hooked!
Stefan NatterJoe Hootman
I have been using Pocket Casts for years now. One standout feature that I haven't found anywhere else is the ability to see the podcast covers together -and- be able to custom organize how I want them laid out. It is a small detail but I am very visual by nature and I love it.
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