Brushing the dirt off my psyche.

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kunmi stacked Google Meet
It's so easy to use and not as buggy as Zoom.
kunmi stacked LinkedIn
The core of my job is recruiting...
kunmi stacked Shazam
The Magic (I know it's tech but let me) of knowing what's playing.
kunmi stacked Pocket
Constantly saving me from reading now or bookmarking an article. Really good stuff!
kunmi stacked YouTube
It's the largest digital visual library.
kunmi stacked Google Chrome
It has the most extensions. The Iron Man of web browsers!
kunmi stacked Google Maps
I can never be lost on earth, never ever. Also, love the integrations.
kunmi stacked WhatsApp
Everybody uses it... Well, almost everyone. Could it be better? Of course but it works. Went from trying Slack for work communications to settling for a WhatsApp group.
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