kristin ides

kristin ides


i market startups. here for: product launches.

#data, #code, #startups, #api, #ux, #startup 
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Still my go-to browser all these decades later.
So good, affordable, constantly improving, a million customization options, everything from relaxing to intense, brain waves music is the best to chill.
Personal fav social scheduling platform. Love the company values too. Simple to use and great app. Wish more analytics were included, tho.
I use this constantly to find different shades of colors, new color inspiration, or just to translate HEX to RGB or another color format easily!
I'm trying :-D #notadev
Lightning fast, powerful campaign builder, logic that thinks like I do about how to communicate.
Dev-first integrations to push your product forward.
The camera bump isn't that ugly yet.
YourStack Mascot