Kristi Çunga

Kristi Çunga


Designer / Art Director / Open Source Enthusiast

#culture, #politics, #prototyping, #api, #advertisting, #journalism, #design 
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Kutt is a short URL tool with analytics, with a catchy UI, like but much better. And it's free!
This is the most used app by me since 2016. I've always been rated in the top 1% reader. In 2019 I read 4.3 million words. With Pocket, you can bookmark articles from the web and read them offline.
This is a very interesting tool which converts threads into "blog posts", and make dhe readibility easier.
The must-read daily newsletter for creatives, with the top 5 articles about design, art, education and technology. You cannot only read, but you can also contribute by sharing the very best articles. Added value: it is open source.
Pratik GandhiJoe DaviniTrevor Murphy
The fantastic vibes of the 80s served in the best possible way. Beyond the fantastic music, I love the whole details of the modern approach, in the vintage UI.
JulieStefan Natteraziz
A good place only for visual content, not for show of.
I love this product because it offers the essentials of online privacy and the company has a very good repoutation in privacy issues. I suggest ProtonMail to everyone as the first choice.
Evan Sims
It's the safest app for communication: encrypted, free and open-source.
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