Maria Aldrey

Maria Aldrey

@kirisimaĀ Ā

šŸ˜ŽMarketing & Productivity obsessed Latina. Official Notion Consultant. IG šŸ‘‰ @kirisima & @groovywink

#video, #internet, #eating, #metrics, #product-management, #advertisting, #uxĀ +8
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Maria AldreyĀ stackedĀ Stripe
Great to accept credit card payments and send invoices.
Maria AldreyĀ stackedĀ Feedly
All blogs I want to read in one place
Maria AldreyĀ stackedĀ Libby
Read ebooks from the library
I was able to identify new opportunities with this book
Maria AldreyĀ stackedĀ Spark
It's so fast and clean
Maria AldreyĀ stackedĀ iPhone 11
The camera <3
Maria AldreyĀ stackedĀ Notion
I love Notion because it's All-in-one workspace for note-taking, project and task management. A place where I'm capable of Building a Second Brain and keep it up.
Anthony Manfredi
I can track my Heart Rate Variability which accurately reflects how I feel physically and what activities help me improve it.
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