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I use this for my ailing personal laptop, and it is super easy and keeps the old girl running like new(ish).
P. Kim Bui stacked Edison
The latest in my journey of email apps. So far, it's not as bloated as Spark, doesn't over manage my email like TwoBird, but does sort and do important/priority inbox and on-click unsubscribe. TBH, I am also really excited at the prospect of OnMail, their Gmail competitor.
I am not great at stress decision making and this book really helped me get over that. Plus it is really readable, and quick, without getting too self-helpy.
Ugh, I love this game so much I might want to get a Switch to play coop.
"In These Times" this is a great way to "see" friends without getting on Zoom
Totally into this as a highlighting app, and love that it integrates with Kindle.
Jeremy Caplan
I'm attempting a second brain / zettlekasten note taking approach for 2020 and so far this has been the best for it. Wish it had offline support, though.
David CohnJeremy CaplanLucas Pinto
Really loving this as a replacement for Spark, with fewer privacy issues and help getting to inbox zero.
Ryan Hoover
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