Kieron Kevan

Kieron Kevan


I'm a UX designer living in Liverpool. I love design, learning new things and listening to podcasts. I've been writing on Medium: @kieronkevan

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I think every designer I know has at least one of these. The rest were probably robbed by other designers.
I love this because of how simple it is. The desktop app works seamlessly, and it’s helping me in learn my bad habits in writing.
Notion has so much potential to be the best productivity tool out there. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. I use it to collate all the notes, resources and files I have into one place.
It's my second memory, if I haven't got time to read something, it gets pocketed. I just need to remember to open Pocket and actually read it later on...
I'm taking a free course in Philosophy with the university of Edinburgh. I didn't realise how many free/paid courses they had in their library. Great if you want to learn something new during quarantine.
One of the most practical and easy to consume books on usability, user experience and common sense thinking. It’s a lesson in people.
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Allows me to easily plan/wireframe ideas for an iterative design process.
I use one for work as well as one for personal use. It’s so fast and does a million things really well.
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