Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose


Father, husband, investor, and builder of products.

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The perfect gin for a dry/dirty martini. Founded in 1845 and originally run by Edward Boodle. It was reputed to be the favorite gin of Winston Churchill.
JoelAaronRyan Hoover
The perfect laptop replacement for casual work (email, slack, browsing, etc.)
Bryan Landers
I started with a roomba, which failed horribly. The lidar mapping is 10x faster vs roomba. Also, extremely easy to define areas to avoid or create invisible walls. So far I’m loving it.
Calcutta PuriJoshOliver Waters
Karst stone paper is made from recycled stone. The pages don't feel like paper but rather a silky waxy page. That may sound odd but the pen to stone writing experience is fantastic. I give Karst notebooks as gifts all the time.
Parker HendersonAleksandra SmelianskaCalcutta Puri
omg.... THE BEST
Chris NewmanLucasMichael Berger
0 sugar sparkling beverages made with real bitters, highly recommend
Parker HendersonAleksandra Smelianskaabz
The sensor dynamically adjusts to air pollution in real-time (fan goes up/down). It's incredible technology.
Parker HendersonRicardo MatosRahul
The highest quality bone broth that I've found. NOT shelf-stable, all organic, fantastic taste.
Calcutta PuriBrian WongJessica Verrilli
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