Keegan J. Sard

Keegan J. Sard


Investments | Consulting | Real Estate | Startups Alum @bonduniversity. DMs open.

#investing, #nomad, #startups, #internet, #analytics 
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I love strategy of it.
Jason's vision is lightyears above the rest - This book is a must read and is a tie with their other best-seller Remote which is even more important in today's new world.
Joe Hootman
Clay is building the best personal CRM you have ever imagined. I see Clay being my go-to address book for all my contacts and can't wait to see what they do next.
With WFH now enforced a lot of people have a lot more free time so we can get access to meetings that previously were put off into the next quarter.
Best cal app since Sunrise!
YourStack Mascot