kathryn de la rosa

kathryn de la rosa

audio producer / front-end developer / theater professional

#ui, #privacy, #front-end, #audio, #freelance 
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free and frequently updated alternative to Sibelius and Finale!
have used for cello, violin, guitar and even voice for transcribing & arranging music
a solid free QLab alternative for Windows! I used this to draft show files on my laptop before I could get onto my school's Mac mini in tech
on dumplings, on vegetables, in stir fry, on a spoon
Micah CarrollKate PottsCalcutta Puri
gorgeous and plenty customizable/full-featured without the add-on. delete co–star
because I'm a child with no impulse control cutting back on social media. I redirect myself to the Google Doc I'm supposed to working on, which is is a gentler nudge than a lot of other extensions I've tried!
Alexandre MouriecWilhelm Rahn
the only acceptable chart delineator! it's ultra customizable and my personal settings have progressed with me, for the spectrum of laymen to professionals
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