Alex Kazakov

Alex Kazakov


Behavioral technology dreamer and connector! Group Product Manager @Bookingcom, co-founder at @GlownetHQ, advisor at @Veterati.

#productivity, #product-management, #prototyping, #product-design, #design, #learning, #sustainability +1
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Super clear and logical decomposition of complex social and practical questions
Alex Kazakov stacked LUSH UK
Lovely packaging-free soaps, shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, hand creams and more
Daily deep and thoughtful strategic thinking for tech industry
Alex Kazakov stacked iPad Pro
With ApplePencil I feel that ideas, diagrams and articles are under my total control
Alex Kazakov stacked Notion
Excellent for organizing a personal knowledge base. Very fast browsing across pages. Works well on all platforms.
Alex Kazakov stacked Todoist
All my life planning, actions, habits, reminders and projects live here. With some scripting it helps me see when my plans are not realistic thus helping keep it real and be satisfied at the end of the day.
Intense workouts that you can't slack through. Fun music, energetic trainers and social effect of everyone doing it together.
Daily recommended playlists somehow know exactly what kind of music I love. Much better recommendations than from Google Music.
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