Alex Kazakov

Alex Kazakov


Behavioral technology dreamer and connector! Group Product Manager @Bookingcom, co-founder at @GlownetHQ, advisor at @Veterati.

#productivity, #product-management, #prototyping, #product-design, #design, #learning, #sustainability +1
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Fast, high quality screen, keyboard etc. Everything standard and works, no need to choose e.g. among 1000s of PC options.
Unlocks fast, latest Android always, very fast Assistant, triggered with squeeze
I use it by default, especially when working or browsing at night. It also works much better at choosing colours that are always readable on the background than built-in beta feature in Google Chrome.
Super clear and logical decomposition of complex social and practical questions
Lovely packaging-free soaps, shampoos, shower gels, conditioners, hand creams and more
Daily deep and thoughtful strategic thinking for tech industry
With ApplePencil I feel that ideas, diagrams and articles are under my total control
Excellent for organizing a personal knowledge base. Very fast browsing across pages. Works well on all platforms.
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