Adam Kazwell

Adam Kazwell


Growth PM @useloom, Dad. When not busy with ← I'm hunting for the next great app, podcast, coffeeshop or trail.

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Adam Kazwell stacked Loom
At first I was hesitant to record video of myself, but once I got used to it - I noticed that Loom videos helped me to communicate more efficiently and effectively...I liked it so much I went to work there ;)
Ryan Hoover
From ForteLabs, every time you open a new tab in Chrome, you'll see a post from Evernote. Can help with serendipitously discovering content you've saved in the past.
At their best, they make your life more cinematic....turn off outside noises and turn on whatever soundtrack you like. Use them daily, tempted to never take them out ;)
Justin Kazwell
Being able to see a daily assortment of Google Photos is icing on the cake to Siri-like capabilities
Most efficient way to work out. Keeps me highly motivated to sweat my ass off.
JoelLam HoangLanre Akinyemi
Thoughtful book explaining the benefits of “process, not product”
Justin Kazwell
Like Twitter, but with Topics. Good to follow while key political news is breaking, and fun for some insider tech news.
Ryan Hoover
Finally feel like I can take advantage of all those Kindle highlights I've saved. From a product sense, terrific execution.
Tristan Homsi
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