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Katie King stacked Chemex
I would die without coffee...this is the perfect blend of easy and hipster.
Katie King stacked Gmail
Essential emailing
I love this site for finding design inspiration, following design trends, and keeping myself sharp with the weekly warm-ups.
I'm fkn obsessed with this website. I love the ability to collect your library, I check it all the time when I'm at the bookstore (since I've double-bought before....), I love the challenges and the way to update progress. Made a few friends too.
So easy to switch between my music and podcasts, easy to subscribe, easy to unsubscribe, easy to find new podcasts, easy to navigate between episodes.
Katie King stacked Spark
I have to manage 5 mailboxes.....Spark makes this a breeze. COME TO WINDOWS.
I'm bad at dieting but great at tracking calories (so is MFP). Honestly................UI could use some work.
Cheap, cute car. Gets the job done. Weirdly spacious trunk.
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