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Kathleen Hamilton


I manage remote teams who build things. Community is what lights me up.

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These have turned my 5/10 long travel days into 10/10 travel days. Great sound quality, noise-canceling, comfortable.
Kathleen Hamilton stacked Balsamiq
Easy drag and drop for building wireframes, I like that it's a local app and has a simple interface
Kathleen Hamilton stacked Allbirds
I'm on to my (Second) pair of Allbirds shoes - they're the comfiest sneakers I've ever owned, with the added benefit of being better for the environment than many other options. Their products innovate on the material side, and I am bought in, 100%.
Craig Smith
Great global community, and it's the first place I check when I land in a new country to find the best coworking, neighborhoods to stay in, and other city information. Really a wealth of knowledge when you know where to look.
Kathleen Hamilton stacked Slack
I use this for work - also to stay in touch with other communities I'm a part of. My favourite messaging/management app (other than Notion)
Kathleen Hamilton stacked WhatsApp
It's good - we all know it. Everyone has it. I would probably get rid of it, if it wasn't the most universally used text app outside of native phone apps and FB messenger.
Kathleen Hamilton stacked Medium
Great place to read, write and publish - easy to use & great community
Kathleen Hamilton stacked Notion
Why do I love Notion... let me count the ways. Seriously though, Notion has changed my life. It centralizes everything you need for project/life/time management, packs it into a beautifully simple UI, and lets you nest items to your heart's content - AND I can share pages online
M Haidar Hanif
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