Everything happens through connections. I analyze networks. Mother to 4 wild girls. My scout name was Bison. I'm still roaming the world.

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Katerina stacked Obsidian
doesn't take ages to load (compared to Roam)
Apple_ksChase StubblefieldBee Safe Bee Removal
Katerina stacked Coda
It's easier to build good documents, combining text, tables and charts.
Michael R. NallApple_ksMax Yakin Bozek ス
By now the kids play it more often than I. I got two so that they can play against/with it each. Good introduction product.
Maximilien Moreau (Max)Hideo Hideoazerbluu
Good overview of news coverage. Would love to see the option to select several regions. Again, Ireland isn't covered. Is there really something as the luck of the Irish?
José CageLanre AkinyemiJohn Pilmur QX
Katerina stacked Leapers
Wonderful open minded, constructive community with a focus on mental health for freelancers. A lot of discussion on how to support people who come in and out of companies for individual assignments
Ryan HooverLizelle van VuurenEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)
Great app for when traveling in the US. Outside of the US, well, no support. Or I'm just visiting cities that aren't popular
Isabella Rowntree𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙮
Katerina stacked Otter
Quick transcription. Most of the text that is produced is good. Checking the text is still necessary
Joe HootmanElavenilAhmed Men
Katerina stacked Duolingo
Easy way to learn the basics of languages. For popular languages the audio is good, but for Irish most of the pronunciation is missing. My kids also enjoy it.
Carlos OrelhasAlexandre MouriecColeman Foley
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