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Founder of Communication & Culture map. Mother to 4 wild girls. My scout name was Bison. I'm still roaming the world looking for a place to call home

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Katerina stacked Duolingo
Easy way to learn the basics of languages. For popular languages the audio is good, but for Irish most of the pronunciation is missing. My kids also enjoy it.
Alexandre MouriecColeman FoleyElen Udovichenko
Katerina stacked Zapier
Great for workflow management. Easy to use
Katerina stacked Airtable
good integration with other apps
It's annoying to get lost when hiking with kids. ViewRanger helps me find my way home. ViewRanger provides you with topological maps. You can track your route, follow someone else routes.
I'm still using Mendeley. It was really good when it came out.
Kevin Li
Katerina stacked JotForm
Might not be as nice as typeform, but it worked perfectly for research.
always works.
Katerina stacked Makerpad
It has a good choice of no-code apps to integrate. Some tutorials are good, others could be improved. I'm not a big fan of the videos. They should be tagged so in you could easier watch the parts you need.
Ryan Hoover
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