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Best editing interface of all of the productivity suites. Quip Docs lack a “suggest changes” mode, so when I'm editing, I’m forced to make an edit myself with no log of what it was, or add a comment explaining the change to make (and leave it to the writer to enact).
Stacked this water bootle on the reco of @angelpoon . Never been this hydrated before. It's delightfully designed.
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Somettimes wheen I typee itt lookos likee this. Unshaky solves this problem with software by detecting anomalous keypresses that were unlikely to be initiated by a human. Way better than waiting for repairs or a replacement keyboard.
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I just want to work, not futz around with random scripts or hosts files
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Keeps my brain relatively organized, even though I'm basically using it the same way I use todo.txt Also, great desktop shortcuts.
When I run, I sweat, and my airpods fall out. These little guys keep them fastened to my ears.
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The most comfortable shirts I've ever owned, with a bunch of superpowers (odor-resistant, both warm and breathable)
I wear these every day for wrist support when I work on my Macbook Pro. The bevels on macbooks are sharp and irritate my wrists after a day of work. The gloves guard against that, and also provide for a more comfortable typing position.
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