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Kapil Kale


free (startup) ideas /// @angellist talent
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I wear these every day for wrist support when I work on my Macbook Pro. The bevels on macbooks are sharp and irritate my wrists after a day of work. The gloves guard against that, and also provide for a more comfortable typing position.
Ryan HooverNaval
3 months ago
Satellite views.
Kevin Laws
3 months ago
Kapil Kale stacked Oura
I use Oura to benchmark my sleep, and then as my primary feedback mechanism when I started running experiments (e.g. temperature, bedding, etc). Critical part of optimizing my sleep.
Ryan Hoover
3 months ago
Great weight tracking app. Accounts for normal fluctuations in graphs to show progress.
3 months ago
Kapil Kale stacked Quip
Simpler Google docs. Gives up some of the power features in exchange for something easier to use. Sensible formatting defaults so everything looks good.
3 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
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