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kaleigh stacked Vivino
I love keeping track of wine so I can learn more about what I like, and it has a cool filtering option to help you decide which wine to drink out of your "cellar"
Such a chill game! I had NO idea what this game was or anything but I was influenced by others posting online. I love this game. The community that plays it and shares things is amazing.
I don't use it as much as I'd like, but it's so fun to play retro games, and online with friends. I also love how you can easily go from playing on your tv to handheld.
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kaleigh stacked Roku
I have had Roku devices for about 8 years now. I recently bought 2 Roku TVs. They're so easy to use and setup once you have an account. I love being able to use my phone as a remote if needed and can also listen via headphones in case someone in the room is sleeping.
I loved this book! Check this out if you want to change or quit habits.
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I've been using Google Calendar for years...easy to use and work w/other calendars
I love the inspect features, but realized this browser was eating up a lot of RAM and making my fans go crazy!
kaleigh stacked 1Password
I use this through work and get a free family account because of it. I moved from LastPass and love this one way more. The organization is better and sharing is more clear!
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