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Perfectly tuned for exactly what I need; tiny app that makes calendar directly available in menubar. All the best parts of Fantastical without the cruft. New beta (coming soon) allows one-click access to any online meeting.
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Was getting sales calls on my cell phone. There are sites selling my contact info to sales people. This site monitors those data brokers and auto-opts-out anytime it sees your info for sale. Slightly pricey ($300 a year) but worth it if you value your time. Top notch UI!
Stefan NatterRyan Hoover
Great webcam that keeps you looking well lit and clear regardless of your surroundings. Great for WFH since it attaches to your external monitor and you don’t need to open your notebook for every Zoom session.
Zach GrosserCatherineDavid
Finally! I keep a home calendar and work calendar. I don't want people to see my private doctor's appointments (or kid's soccer games!) on my work calendar, but I do want the time to show as busy. This app takes two Google Calendars and syncs free-busy information between them.
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Most compatible across platforms.
Can still use your iPhone as a phone (don't have to flip off a cover or pull it out of another case) and carries my cards & cash. Since I don't have keys (see Kisi/August/Tesla), this narrows it to only having to track/carry two things (this and Airpods).
Really nice UX for podcast listening. Love the integration with the Apple Watch - any time a part comes up I want to skip, I raise my Apple Watch and it has skip forward/skip back immediately available if a podcast is playing.
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Used to connect my Alexa to open my gate.
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