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Kevin Laws


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Most compatible across platforms.
13 days ago
Track all my kid's soccer games. Does a nice job of handling multiple players/teams under a single app (any busy parent will appreciate this!) and you can subscribe so it all integrates (and updates) on your normal calendar.
5 months ago
Really nice UX for podcast listening. Love the integration with the Apple Watch - any time a part comes up I want to skip, I raise my Apple Watch and it has skip forward/skip back immediately available if a podcast is playing.
5 months ago
Yale lock / August software = perfect. Auto-opens when I come home, auto-locks when I go inside or leave.
5 months ago
Kevin Laws stacked IFTTT
Used to connect my Alexa to open my gate.
5 months ago
Great integration across all the orgs (my family, my personal, my work, my volunteer orgs) so that I have full security and passwords for everything.
5 months ago
Kevin Laws stacked Kisi
Entry to my office using only iPhone. Between that and the iPhone being my car key and home key, I actually carry no keys anymore.
5 months ago
International data including at no additional charge (and not rate-limited like Verizon & AT&T) and secure to prevent SIM-swapping attacks (you need access to your Google account to make any changes, even if the changes are over the phone).
5 months ago
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