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With everything that is going on online, it's a good habit to run a VPN. This has been my VPN for the past few years.
Lanre AkinyemiNiviPASCAL TIEMANN
KAI stacked Sun Surveyor
Great for planning and tracking Milky Way, Moon, Sunrise, and Sunset shots. I have a few apps that I use to plan my photoshoots, Sun Surveyor is one that stuck with me over the years.
Calum WebbMitchell Foxrp
Super useful to figure out what takes up all your hard disk space.
Calum WebbAdam KazwellJ. Adams
I love these! The sound and build quality are excellent. Thanks for the recommendation, Amrith.
Radoslav StankovRahulNaval
KAI stacked Atom Editor
TextMate used to be my editor of choice. But it has seen better days. Last year I switched to Atom, and I never looked back. Syncing settings and environments across machines makes it even better.
Naman KumarPASCAL TIEMANNMiciah Lewis
KAI stacked Numi
It's a powerful little text-based (markup) calculator app.
Dan Edwards
KAI stacked Baby Monitor
Super simple and straight forward baby monitoring app that doesn't require an account or cloud subscription. Just pair it with a spare iPhone or iPad. They do offer a cloud version for unlimited range, but we never use it.
KAI stacked Ocean Watch
This is a fun little app to track tide levels. We recently moved closer to the beach. We take the kids to the beach when it's low tide to collect seashells. And we go when it's high tide to watch the waves break against the shore. The design of the app is beautiful and engaging.
Adam KazwellPedro Wunderlich
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