Justin Kazwell

Justin Kazwell


Through my career, I get the opportunity to discover unique pockets of technology and immerse myself in the communities that make them thrive.

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You can set the bed to wake you up by adjusting the mattress temperature. (Hot or Cold)
Walking the dog, commuting to work, working out, watching tv, conference calls all made better. I'm down with APP.
Adam Kazwell
MURAL = Thought Work. Figma/Sketch/Framer = Design Work. Pick accordingly. The aha moment is when you collaborate with remote teams/teammates doing thought work like customer journey mapping, brainstorming, retrospectives, or mood boarding.
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Attempts to make podcasts social, not quite there yet, but best in class.
Adam Kazwell
My main long-form consumption service.
Adam Kazwell
Most speech to text dictation sucks including Siri, Otter doesn't.
Cross-platform syncing, does most note capturing use cases well, context feature helps with rediscovering past notes.
Adam Kazwell
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