julia fine

julia fine


the road to hell is paved with pomodoros

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julia fine stacked CleanShot
Didn’t know I needed a screen shot tool but now I can’t live without it.
Such a fun way to discover new music
Ryan HooverTiffany Williams
The #1 productivity tool in my stack, hands down. I use it for everything!
julia fine stacked Hyrdoflask
Love the colors and the design and it keeps my water the right temperature!
julia fine stacked Bartender
makes your menu bar look clean and only have the things you need
julia fine stacked DEVONthink
best way to organize and store research
Michael I. Brooks
julia fine stacked MarginNote
great notetaking and mindmap app!
julia fine stacked Fantastical
Best calendar app that has all the widgets you need. I love the top bar.
YourStack Mascot