Jonathan Tzou

Jonathan Tzou


Co-founder, Rupie Network // Founder, Optix Data

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Among the best F2P mobile games ever made. As an early alpha user nearly 2 years prior to its global launch, I can honestly vouch for Supercell's incredible patience and attention to feedback throughout the development process.
Ryan SnyderSilviu St
Jonathan Tzou stacked Aer
No bag has been as all-purpose for work, outdoor, and travel as my Aer. The Duffel in particular has a shoe compartment for when I need to switch into workout gear and not worry about dirtying other things in the main compartment. Well thought-out design through and through.
JoelAngel CeballosAbadesi
Best calendar experience I have experienced on both mobile and desktop, full stop.
Joe HootmanJeff DashleyOnutz
Absolute best way to stitch together long vertically scrolling screenshots in mobile. Use it more than I thought I ever would.
Alexandre MouriecMartin BoisraméPASCAL TIEMANN
The pulse of the internet, albeit a bit biased. Great place to understand general sentiment around big news and pop media. Also a great semi-passive content discovery tool.
Joe HootmanColeman FoleyMiciah Lewis
Objectively fastest-loading browser on all my devices. Takes up more resources, but speed doesn't come without a cost :)
Ali Engin
Indispensable tool I use to get around San Francisco, especially as a scooter rider. Turning on voice alerts ensures I don't have to take my eyes off the road to figure out which streets to turn on.
Recently acquired the wide, fisheye, and tele -- changed the way I view mobile photography. Sees use primarily on trips and at concerts.
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