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Jonathon Triest


Backing entrepreneurs @ludlowventures. Punk-rock drummer. Detroit is home.
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Jonathon Triest stacked StockX
I only wear black Adidas Ultraboosts. They are always out of stock so I continuously turn to StockX.
4 months ago
Jonathon Triest stacked Honey
Save money on everything. Totally free. Need I say more?
4 months ago
Jonathon Triest stacked Bloomscape
Plants are good for your home and brain.
4 months ago
Only cool apparel I own.
4 months ago
Jonathon Triest stacked Streak
Managing Ludlow Ventures deal flow. We were looking for something that integrated well with gmail so we wouldn't have to leave our inboxes to interact with our pipeline.
4 months ago
Jonathon Triest stacked Ableton
Ableton Live and Push 2
4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago
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