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Just another writer, educator, poetry professor, artistic director and creative technologist...

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It's a text editor. But it's also so much moreā€”Ā simple enough to get out of the way of my writing, but powerful enough to let me build Javascript-powered actions to manipulate my notes, and to serve as a capable knowledge management platform complete with wiki-links.
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It's been much more reliable than just about any other email app I've used on iOS thus far (and I've tried a ton). I also love the fact that settings sync across devices. Email's a headache enough without having to set it up a million times over...
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I went Plus with a 6, and I have no intentions of downgrading any time soon. In a pinch, I could hook it up to a Bluetooth keyboard and actually get work done. This thing's no slouch, even as old as it is now...
Rey Alejandro
Great connectivity, sound and battery life. Also one of the few pairs of in-ear 'phones that don't fatigue my canals...
Life changing meditations on the nature of time and life. The kind of book you give away and buy again, many times.
Works with Apple's Reminders, but adds so much more...
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