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Best investment ever. Noise cancellation in a handy package!
Jose Paul MartinĀ stackedĀ Alfred
Use it ALL the time... became a power user when they made it available!
Can't do without it!
After working with Todoist, turned to this. It's expensive when you buy all device apps. But it's a one time purchase. Love the ease of use, especially shortcuts.
Natural language recognition, and because of the new integration with Zoom (and other conferencing software)
I own my notes. Period.
Jose Paul MartinĀ stackedĀ Bear
Have tried nearly all the other note taking apps out there - but price and feature wise... this packs a punch. I still type in Bear, and export to places like Notion!
Jose Paul MartinĀ stackedĀ Notion
All in one wiki, the RDMS (Relational Database Management System for the new school) is pretty good for creating a decent CRM and hyperlinking within the wiki/knowledgebase - in short. It's damn cool.
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