Josh Nguyen

Josh Nguyen

@joshuanguyenĀ Ā

Head of Product at Magic. Judging you silently.

#nba, #product-management, #product, #product-designĀ 
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Josh NguyenĀ stackedĀ Scrl App
Real Insta photographers use this.
Such a great product for a great market.
Wish I remembered to get into this. But I love to see friends videos.
Josh NguyenĀ stackedĀ Otter
Awesome when for customer interviews (and general meetings)
Josh NguyenĀ stackedĀ Nespresso
Changes my morning - essential when coffeeshops are closed due to Covid19.
Josh NguyenĀ stackedĀ Figma
Your designer likes it. That's enough, right?
Josh NguyenĀ stackedĀ Miro
Great whiteboarding / speccing platform for remote product managers.
Lindsey Meredith
C'mon. Who wants to deal with meter maids?
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